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Discord Will Be Adding Ads This Week

Discord will be releasing new sponsored ads on the platform called “Sponsored Quests”. The company announced last month that it will be rolling out these ads, which will appear in the bottom left corner of the user’s screens. Additionally, according to a report from WSJ, they will be added sometime this week. The addition will then become a permanent feature of the app. However, the company also claims that users will be able to disable these ads in their settings. “Quests are a way for players to discover games and earn rewards for playing them on Discord.” Said  the company in a recent blogpost. “We started experimenting with them over the last year, and millions of you opted in and completed them.  We’ve heard great feedback from developers who partnered with us to create them and from many of you who completed one.”

“Quests will show up tastefully in Discord where you can opt-in to stream your game to friends and win rewards for playing. Some players will be made aware that a Quest is available, while others will discover it as their friends accept and embark on the Quest. Developers and publishers who sponsor Quests will work with our team to build an experience that showcases their game and offers a reward tailored for their game.” Discord has long advertised its lack of ads on its platform, instead adopting a paid subscription model through Discord Nitro. This model notably includes several levels. However, it seems this may change soon. 

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