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Diablo IV Will Add a Survival Mode in Season 5

In a recent blogpost, Blizzard revealed that Diablo IV Season 5 will add a new survival mode called the Infernal Hordes mode. The wave-based mode is unlocked by completing a new questline set after the events of the game. Each mode has a time limit lasting 90 seconds, and at the end of the 90 seconds, players will “kill the remaining enemies and decide between three Infernal Offers. Once selected, the next wave will begin.” Additionally, players will “slay hordes while earning Burning Aether to unlock powerful weapons and rewards”. Lastly, the upcoming Diablo IV Public Test Realm will let players test upcoming Season 5 features. It will be available from June 25 to July 2.

The Diablo IV mode’s details:

  • Infernal Hordes has time-limited waves, lasting 90 seconds each.
  • Collect Burning Aether during a wave to spend at the end of a successful Infernal run.
  • At the end of the 90 seconds, kill the remaining enemies and decide between three Infernal Offers. Once selected, the next wave will begin.
  • Successfully slay all waves in the Tier you are attempting to advance to the Well of Hatred then battle the Fell Council. Upon defeating the Fell Council, spend your Burning Aether on Spoils of Hell.

Infernal Offer

Upon defeating each wave, Hell will tempt you with an Infernal Offer.

  • The Infernal Offer gives you a choice of three different Boons & Banes that modify your run. Select one!
    • Ex: Elite damage increased, Elites grant increased Burning Aether
  • Choose wisely—Infernal Offers will stack across the duration of your Infernal Hordes run. Many can be active at the same time!
  • Infernal Offers are your chance to increase the difficulty in order to earn more Burning Aether, or select a more modest Infernal Offer if the intensity is too great.

Burning Aether

  • Earn Burning Aether by slaying Aether Fiends and Aether Lords, or by destroying Soulspires and Aetheric Masses.
  • Burning Aether is earned individually, regardless of playing solo or in a group. This lets you decide how to spend it at the end of your run.

Spoils of Hell

  • On a successful run, you’ll use Burning Aether to unlock Spoils of Hell. There will be four different Spoils of Hell available on completing your Infernal Hordes run.
    • Spoils of Equipment
    • Spoils of Materials
    • Spoils of Gold
    • Spoils of Greater Equipment
      • This Spoil of Hell guarantees an item with a Greater Affix!

Infernal Compass

  • There are 8 Tiers of Infernal Compasses, which scale in difficulty and World Tier.
  • Each Infernal Compass Tier increases the number of waves starting at five for Tiers I-III, increasing until a maximum of 10 waves with a Tier VIII Infernal Compass. It also increases the starting difficulty of Monsters, and increases the potency of your rewards while decreasing your number of revives.
  • Abyssal Scrolls can be earned and used to upgrade your Infernal Compass by upgrading their Tier. Infernal Compasses will only drop at Tiers I-III; Abyssal Scrolls will be needed to increase their level to a Max of Tier VIII.

Infernal Compasses can be used at the following levels and World Tiers:

  • Tier I
    • Available at World Tier III
  • Tier II
    • Available at World Tier IV
    • Includes Bonus Affixes which increase crafting materials, and Legendary and Unique Drop rates!
  • Tier III
    • Available at Level 100
    • Includes Bonus Affixes
    • Includes Spoil of Greater Equipment

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