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Diablo IV Vessel of Hatred Announced Alongside New Game Changes

During the BlizzCon day one livestream, Blizzard Entertainment revealed a new teaser trailer announcing the upcoming first expansion for Diablo IV, Vessel of hatred. According to the publisher, the campaign will “continue the dark tale that began in Diablo IV as we learn the fate of the prime evil Mephisto and his demonic plans for sanctuary.”  The expansion “will feature new ways to play, new evils to vanquish and a completely new class never seen before in the Diablo universe.” Vessel of Hatred will also venture to the new region from Diablo 2, Nahantu, and will release late 2024. More details will be revealed sometime this summer. Additionally, more details were revealed for the game’s second season, Season of Blood. It will allow players reach level 100 forty percent faster than the previous season. Renown rewards will carry over from season to season, a targeting dummy will be added along with two additional character slots, a search and filter stash option, new class-specific Malignant rings, a new enchanting preview window, and a new challenging “highly replayable” six week seasonal event called Abattoir of Zir. Additionally, world bosses appear twice as often, gems are now crafting materials, and a new leaderboard system for the Gauntlet was also announced. Lastly, the publisher announced the Midwinter Blight holiday event will run from December 12. 

Diablo IV details via the publisher:

Diablo IV is the newest incarnation of Blizzard Entertainment’s genre-defining action–role-playing game series. Players will experience a grim new story line while also having the freedom to forge their own path across the most expansive vision yet of the world of Sanctuary—a bleak and shattered hellscape bereft of hope and beset by demons.

Key Features

Explore a vast, contiguous world of Sanctuary and seamlessly travel across five distinctive regions filled with dangerous foes.
Quintessential Diablo gameplay featuring robust RPG character progression, infinitely replayable dungeons, awesome loot, and the series’ hallmark visceral combat.
An open world inhabited by familiar threats and new—like deadly encounters with massive, multi-phase World Bosses.
Four iconic classes (with one more to come): the Druid, the Barbarian, the Sorceress, and the Rogue.
All-new technology that will push the Diablo franchise to dark new depths with higher fidelity graphics and the ability to create an expansive open world experience.
A dark new storyline where heroes will be called upon to face a challenge unlike any the world has seen before.

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