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Diablo 3 Could be Coming to Nintendo Switch this Year

Diablo 3 Could be Coming to Nintendo Switch this Year

Blizzard Entertainment dropped some serious hints a while ago, about bringing the Diablo series to the Nintendo Switch in some form, and it looks like the rumor has been confirmed: Diablo 3 is coming to the Nintendo Switch.

Check out the Twitter post by Blizzard that hinted a while ago about bringing Diablo 3 to the Nintendo Switch:

Details from a leaked report state that the Nintendo Switch version of the game will cost $59.99 and will include Diablo 3, the Reaper of Souls expansion and the game’s Necromancer class. Up to four players can adventure together on a single Nintendo Switch system, and up to four systems can be linked together without a Wi-Fi connection if everyone would like their own screen. It was also said that it will include a new Ganondorf-themed armor unique to the Switch version.

“It is convention season for Blizzard,” a player on Reddit said. “If this is real, we’ll either get an announcement next week (Gamescom) or the first week of November (BlizzCon). This isn’t the time of year where Blizzard does an announcement without an event to go with it (which is usually what they do at the end of spring/early summer).”

Diablo 3 for the Nintendo Switch is said to be coming later this year. Just last week, Blizzard announced in a video about the future of Diablo that the studio has “multiple Diablo projects in the works; some of them are going to take longer than others but we may have some things to show you later this year.”

What’s new in Diablo 3?

We’re proud of the original Diablo’s dark, moody atmosphere and engaging item-grabbing gameplay. Diablo II added more environmental and monster variety, more diverse classes, and a number of unique elements that have since become synonymous with the franchise (like gems, runes, set items, etc.).

Both games established the series’ hallmarks: randomized levels, the relentless onslaught of monsters and events in a perpetually fresh world, unique quests, tons of items, and an epic story about the High Heavens, the Burning Hells, and the hapless and heroic human beings caught between them.

Diablo III is the inheritor of this legacy, and we’ve added even more elements to the game to keep building on our vision for the world of Sanctuary.”

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