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A Diablo 3 Amiibo for the Nintendo Switch Could be Announced at BlizzCon 2018

A Diablo 3 Amiibo for the Nintendo Switch Could be Announced at BlizzCon 2018

According to details datamined from the Switch version of Diablo 3, the game may receive Amiibo figurines, and because the Switch version of the game will be launched on the first day of the convention, in November 2nd, it is very likely that Blizzard Entertainment will announce these Amiibo figures in that time. Information regarding Diablo 3 Amiibo for the Nintendo Switch appeared on the Diablo subreddit and all of them can be used both online and offline.

The datamine pointed that the Diablo 3 Amiibo figures for Nintendo Switch will have these names:

  • Default/Generic Amiibo
  • Treasure Goblin Amiibo
  • Demon Amiibo

As for what purpose they will serve in-game, we can only assume that they will enable gamers to gain access to new enemies and loot in the game if we can guess for their names.

“The first two will spawn a portal leading to some location (controlled by server so can’t be datamined) while the demon amiibo will spawn a powerful demon on the map,” said the post on the Diablo subreddit.

These figures will have a cool down time, and it will be as follows:

  • 22 hours (1320 minutes) for portals
  • ​45 minutes for demons

“We know what many of you are hoping for and we can only say that ‘good things come to those who wait,’ but evil things often take longer,” a prepared statement from Blizzard reads. “We appreciate your patience as our teams work tirelessly to create nightmarish experiences worthy of the Lord of Terror. While we won’t be ready to announce all of our projects, we do intend to share some Diablo-related news with you at the show.”

Gadgets 360 said on an article in their website:

Diablo 4 or whatever Blizzard plans to call its successor to Diablo 3 won’t be at BlizzCon 2018. The action role-playing series makes its Nintendo Switch debut next month in the form of the Diablo 3: Eternal Collection and there’s a Netflix series that’s reportedly in the works as well. However if you were expecting a brand new Diablo game, you may want to temper your expectations. Though the company claims that there are “multiple teams working on different Diablo projects and we can’t wait to tell you all about them … when the time is right.”

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