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Detective Pikachu Switch Sequel Announced
Detective Pikachu Switch Sequel Announced

Detective Pikachu Sequel Announced For Switch

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A new announcement from the Pokemon Press Conference came from Nintendo giving fans a sequel to the 3DS Detective Pikachu title. The announcement comes soon after the debut of the film adaption of the game hit the theaters, as the game sequel looks to conclude the story from the first entry on the 3DS.

The Pokemon Company also announced a new cloud storage app for Pokemon trainers to keep their collection all in one place with Pokemon Home. And for those Switch owners looking forward to the next mainline adventure in the series, Nintendo will also air a new Direct showcase next week which will focus solely on Pokemon Sword/Shield.

There’s no current release date for when the Detective Pikachu sequel will be released, but it is in development now and will launch on the Nintendo Switch.

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