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Details for Modern Warfare 2 and Upcoming Call of Duty Games Have Reportedly Been Leaked

According to a recent leak from Twitter user @r3al1tyuk, who reportedly datamined the Warzone Mobile alpha client, the client hosts a slew of details for the upcoming games in the Call of Duty series, including the upcoming Modern Warfare 2, the next Warzone game, and the unannounced Call of Duty title to come sometime in 2024. The leak contains details on guns, game modes, gameplay elements, and more to be featured in these upcoming games. None of these details have been confirmed by Activision or the developer and should be taken with a grain of salt. 

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The full details for each of the featured games from the link via MP1st can be seen below:

Modern Wafare 2 Guns. Game Modes, Perks, Killstreaks, Field Upgrades, Tacticals:


(most are codenames and not official)

Assault Rifles: akilo, kilo53, kilo74, kilo105, mcharlie, mcbravo, M4 , scharlie, schotel, falpha, fecho, Aug, STG A3

Submachine Guns: Lachmann Sub, alpha57, beta, victor, aviktor, PSDW 50, mpapax, Sakin 9, LMP

Shotguns: Bryson 800, mike1014, mkviktor, Lockwood 725

Snipers/Marksman Rifle: LM-S, sa700, AX-50

Lightmachine Guns: RAAL, ahotel, foxtrot, Bruen MK9, ngolf7, rkilo, mkilo3, kilo21

Pistols: X12, Revive Pistol, .50 GS, papa220, siwhiskeyLaunchers: mike203, RPG7, PILA, JOKR, Strela-P


Game Modes:

“Bounty”, “Free Roam”, Knock Out (” Eliminate the other team or be holding the cash when time runs out.”), Ground War Bomb, Ground War AI, Prisoner Rescue (” Take Turns Extracting the Hostages. “), Invasion (” Hold the frontline and eliminate the enemy team.”)



Amped, engineer, restock, ghost, high alert, overkill, battle hardened, kill chain, scavenger, shrapnel, cold-blooded, pitcher,e xtra tactical, focus, hustle up, tune up


 “circle peek”, counter UAV, cluster strike

Field Upgrades:

armor box, support box, sonar pulse? tactical cam? deployable cover, stopping power, dead silence? (could also be a perk)


flare, shock stick, trophy, decoy grenade


atmine, molotov, claymore, soscar knife?



DMZ (Fourth mode of Modern Warfare 2, coming in Q1 2023):

Maps/Locations: Fortress, Hydro (apt, storage, weapondrop), Quarry (control, office, storage), Resort, Trapper?, “gas_station”, “uav_tower”, “train”, “sam_site”

Vehicles: RHIB (a boat, basically), SUV 1996 (an suv, basically, like the car), JLTV (a truck, basically)

Challenges/Missions :Gone in 60 seconds: Be in the steering position of a vehicle for a full minute within one round of DMZ, Breach and Clear: kill 5 AI within 10 seconds of bashing a door, Dom: Upload the hard drive data, Survive: defend the stash, Rescue hostage: Secure the hostage, Deliver Cargo: Deliver the cargo to the HLZ, Elimination: Eliminate the HVT, Secure Radioactive Material: Find radioactive cache. # remaining, Destroy Supplies: Destroy two supply sites, Hunt PMC Unit: Eliminate the target PMC Unit


Warzone 2, Next Treyach Call of Duty Game and CODHQ Details:

Warzone 2

Interrogations are being added, most likely in the same vein as rainbow 6 siege


Next Treyarch COD Game (Black Ops 6 or COD 2024):


Assault Rifles: coslo723, aking74 (ak74?), clove, ceasyLA: pable3

Lightmachine Guns: ksuger58

Shotguns: moslo500

Submachine Guns: mparis5 (mp5?), sroger3

Sniper Rifles: sroger25, utiger, hechuck

Pistol: stiger


Game Modes:

Land Grab (” Compete to hold 3 zones simultaneously to earn points. “)


Ante Up, Tactician (strings mention an objective and sabotage bonus, so its possible this is just a medal)


There’s also a file that references “CODHQ” which seems to suggest that there will be an app or hub that will connect all COD games, which isn’t surprising given how Activision has integrated Warzone into every Call of Duty game ever since it was released. 

Same as with any unofficial info, none of the stuff listed here have been confirmed, so these could be placeholder names, images and the like, or could have different names by the time they are released.

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