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Despite Rumors, Hogwarts Legacy Still On Track For 2022
Despite Rumors, Hogwarts Legacy Still On Track For 2022

Despite Rumors, Hogwarts Legacy Still On Track For 2022

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Despite recent rumors suggesting that Hogwarts Legacy will be delayed into 2023, Warner Bros. has stated that the game is still on track for a 2022 release date. According to leaker AccNGT, who has a track record with WB leaks,  the only possible reason the game might see a delay into next year is if they feel there are too many other games they are competing within the timeframe.

Adding onto this leak that the game is on track, Warner Bros. Brazilian Twitter account posted a series of tweets highlighting the companies upcoming 2022 games. One of the tweets that they posted was for that of Hogwarts Legacy. While this is not proof a delay will not occur, it seems dubious to showcase the game with a 2022 release if you are actively considering delaying it.

Additionally, a blog post made yesterday on Wizarding World, the official blog for all things concerning the franchise, listed it alongside the upcoming Fantastic Beasts movie as “highlights to look forward to […] in 2022.” In was stated last year that the game is slated for sometime after the April release of the film.

Originally intended for release in 2021, Hogwarts Legacy was delayed early into last year. It was later stated that the company planned to release the game as one of two major releasing in the extended Wizarding World universe that WB has crafted as they move the universe further away from the character of Harry Potter.

While nothing has been showcased for the game since it was originally announced as part of the PlayStation Showcase, a tweet from the company stated that they were looking forward to showcasing more of the game in 2022. Rumors have begun mounting that Sony intends their first State-of-Play event in the month of February, making that a possible timeframe in which we could see the game.

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