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Detective Gallo
Detective Gallo

Demo Version of Detective Gallo is Out Now

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Demo Version of Detective Gallo is Out Now

It was announced by Adventure Productions and Footprints, the release of a Detective Gallo playable demo ahead of its full release next year. The demo sees players getting to grips with the feathered detective’s latest investigation, into the mystery of a plot of prized plants that have been brutally murdered by an unknown assailant.

Check out the teaser trailer of Detective Gallo, featuring some gameplay footage:

“Detective Gallo is a comic-noir point-and-click adventure, which follows the tribulations of a feathered and grumpy private eye. Gallo’s struggling with a particularly tricky case, bizarre characters, and puzzles that will put his insight and patience to the test.

Detective Gallo was greenlit for release on Steam in just ten days and is set to launch in June 2017. Developers Footprints are also in the process of raising additional funding via Italian crowdfunding portal Eppela, where they are seeking 15,000 euros to add an extra layer of polish to the game – including more animations and more elaborate cutscenes.

Detective Gallo is the debut game from Italian developers Footprints, headed up by Francesco and Maurizio De Angelis. Adventure Productions is a leading Italian adventure game publisher that will also release The Wardrobe in 2017 and has acted as Italian publisher of the likes of Ether One and the Deponia series.


In the darkness enveloping a city like any other, five exotic plants are the victims of a shocking event. There’s no doubt: it’s a multiple plant murder.

The city is not particularly shocked by the tragic incident, but a multi-billionaire is willing to pay an outrageous amount of money to solve the mystery.

And who, if not Detective Gallo, can accept the challenge (and the generous advance of his client)?

For the most cynical and sarcastic detective there is, a case that starts as a trivial domestic accident will turn out to be the most intricate investigation he and his cactus assistant have ever seen…

Detective Gallo is a point-and-click comic-noir adventure that is entirely hand-illustrated and hand-animated. Its protagonist is a feathered and grumpy private eye struggling with a very tricky case, bizarre characters, and puzzles that will put his insight and patience to the test.

Players can download the demo from http://www.adventureproductions.it/DG_DEMO.zip

For more information on Dtective Gallo, visit its Eppela page.

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