Deiland Got Funded on Kickstarter

Deiland Got Funded on Kickstarter

Chibig studio announced that their tiny planet indie game, Deiland, gets the funded goal of $10,000 and will be releasing on PlayStation 4 and PC.

Check out the pre-alpha Kickstarter trailer of Deiland, featuring some gameplay footage:

“After the great success on Collective, the Square-Enix platform, and his participation in the Sony Playstation Talents program, Deiland has achieved a new success on Kickstarter. The project has been funded in only 5 days (Tuesday, November 7), Deiland has managed to attract more than 500 players who have backed the game with their donations.

The team is very grateful for the quick success, but there is still a lot of work until December 7 and now it is the turn to unveil the secret stretch goals that will bring extras to the game: external locations, characters, more languages and improvements for Arco, the main character.

Deiland is a videogame that develops on a tiny and friendly planet, inhabited by Arco, a 10-year-old boy who needs to learn to manage the limited resources of his home. Deiland mixes several genres: management, adventure and rpg. It’s intended for a family audience.

Deiland is a quiet and relaxed videogame, but full of details that will surprise the player. In addition to its connection with the iconic image of The Little Prince, it is inspired by great titles such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon. Deiland tells a story about Princes, with colorful characters that will take us to a universe where magic and science coexist and intermingle with each other.


At the beginning, when the Universe was young, there were small magic planets. Some children were sent to these planets to find a Magic Crystal.

This is the story of Arco, the youngest child who lived in the smallest planet of them all: Deiland, the Tiny.”

For more information on Deiland, visit its official website.

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