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Defenders of Ekron
Defenders of Ekron

Defenders of Ekron is Coming to Steam and PS4 on July 11th

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Defenders of Ekron is Coming to Steam and PS4 on July 11th

It was announced by independent game development studio In Vitro Games, that their top-down adventure shoot ‘em up (shmup), Defenders of Ekron will be released on Steam and the PlayStation Network on the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system from Sony on July 11, 2017.

Check out the gameplay trailer of Defenders of Ekron, featuring some gameplay footage:

“In Defenders of Ekron players will assume the role of Eneas, a bold cadet who is on the verge of becoming an Anakim pilot, a powerful cutting-edge mech enhanced with a special ability known as Isvará. During his final exam, something goes wrong and Eneas is unable to develop his Isvará, and as a result he is forced to join an experimental program to combat The Renegades, a rogue group of Anakim pilots who are hell bent on destroying the planet. At the same time, Eneas will find himself pulling back the tattered black veil of secrets surrounding the Technocratic Republic of Ekron.

Developed and published by In Vitro Games, Defenders of Ekron marks the Chilean independent development studio’s PS4™ debut, and also serves as the studio’s first major console release. Bringing a host of fresh features to the shmup genre, including free-roaming exploration, mixed melee combat, and other genre-defying features, Defenders of Ekron presents players with a truly unique experience. A story-driven narrative and hard rock soundtrack by in-house band, Action Replay, will keep players firmly strapped in their cockpits as they battle across 10 levels filled with a wide range of enemies and massive screen-filling bosses!

Defenders of Ekron Key Features:

  • 10 levels to shoot up and explore in full 360° freedom
  • A highly-immersive story – dig deeper to uncover the truth behind the Technocratic Republic of Ekron
  • Use the Anakim mech to analyze and navigate diverse environments to reveal hidden threats, enemies, allies, and unlock key information
  • Mix combat skills to compliment any playstyle: melee-based sword fighting, pyromancy, electromagnetism, dashing, and more
  • Adrenaline-fueled soundtrack performed and recorded by in-house hard rock band, Action Replay

This July, get ready for a shmup adventure unlike any other. Fire up the Anakim mech, strap in, hang on, and blast and slash through Renegade forces! Help Eneas and friends uncover the truth before the world suffers a cruel and untimely demise. Defenders of Ekron promises to be a must-have title for adventure and shmup fans worldwide!

Defenders of Ekron will be available on Steam and on the PlayStation®Network for the PlayStation®4 on July 11, 2017 for $14.99.”

For more ifnormation on Defenders of Ekron, visit its official website.

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