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Blue Protocol Debut Trailer
Blue Protocol Debut Trailer

Debut Trailer Revealed for Bandai Namco’s New RPG, Blue Protocol

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Earlier this week Bandai Namco revealed a brand-new PC online RPG title titled Blue Protocol. With only a logo and one scenic screenshot, many fans were left wondering what the new title is all about. Well, today Bandai Namco shined a bit more light on the newly announced title, giving us the first trailer for the game.

Check out the new trailer for Blue Protocol below:

The revealing trailer gives us a good look at the stunning visuals and scenery found within the game’s online open world. We also receive a quick look at what to expect in terms of combat and a few characters as well.

Check out a quick synopsis of the game via the official website form Bandai Namco:

Fight unique, band together.

Fend off hoards of monsters alongside others with coordinated strikes. The multiple classes and weapons accelerates the thrill of forming a united front with friends.

Regnus, a planet once ruled by a divine tribe, thrived using a mystical light. Many millennia later, what remains are their ruins, treasures, and a dark secret. Start your journey in this forsaken paradise, uncover its truth, and become part of its history.

This planet used to be a paradise inhabited by gods.

Regnus, a planet full of a mystical light called the “Engram,” was prosperously ruled by ones called the “Bapharian Divines.” The Bapharian civilization they established covered the planet and even enabled them to harness the power of time.

Many centuries and millennia later, the divines have left for the heavens and an era of human rule arrived. In search of the remaining light, people stepped foot into the ruins of the Bapharia. Lost technologies. Shining treasures. Monsters attacking. Towering ancient structures.

And a power to destroy all civilization, the “Planetary Beast.”

Fighting for the fate of the planet, a new page in Regnus’ history is about to be written.

Along with the new trailer reveal, Bandai Namco has also started sign-ups for the Alpha test of the game, though, the sign-ups appear to only be accepted for the Japanese region.

Blue Protocol is expected to release worldwide, though no official details have yet been released for the game’s release. We do know that so far the game is set to release on the PC.

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Source: Gematsu

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