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Deathloop Director Named Studio Director of Arcane Lyon

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Following the departure of Romuald Capron last month the director of Deathloop, Dinga Bakaba, has been named the new studio director for Arkane Lyon, developers of said game. This follows reports yesterday that Capron had left the studio and has since joined educational game studio PowerZ.

As spotted by VGC, Dinga Bakaba has been called upon to fill this position, now severing as both studio director and co-creative director at the French studio, which is based out of its namesake city of Lyon. Bakaba has come a long way in the studio, first starting there in 2010, and working initially systems designer and associate producer on the Dishonored series.

After working on the DLC for the original Dishonored he was made lead designer and producer on Dishonored 2, as well as the Death of The Outsider expansion. After this, he would take on the mantle of a game director and co-creative director for Deathloop.

This is a much-deserved promotion, given how Deathloop has been received since its launch. Many review sites have considered it a game of the year frontrunner with fun combat and aesthetics. It was also an odd release, given that an exclusivity deal was put in place for the game for the PlayStation 5 Console prior to Microsoft Acquiring Zenimax and Arkane Lyon alone with it. This effectively makes it a Microsoft-owned game exclusively playable through a Sony-owned console, at least for the time being.

In my review for the game, in which I gave it an 8.5, it was stated that “The art style and direction of the title manage to overcome every issue present, though I would argue those issues are nothing too major in the first place. Tight gunplay and well-designed levels also make the exploration of each stage as you try to learn all the ways you can tackle the challenge before you all the more fun as well.”

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