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Death Stranding
Death Stranding

TGS 2018: New Death Stranding Trailer Featuring Troy Baker Showcased

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TGS 2018: New Death Stranding Trailer Featuring Troy Baker Showcased

During The Tokyo Game Show 2018, Hideo Kojima surprised us with yet another cryptic trailer of the upcoming Death Stranding game, this time featuring Norman Reedus encountering a disguised Troy Baker using his skeleton mask to summon what looks like a chimera-like monster who is about to seemingly eat Norman Reeedus as he is walking around the post-apocalyptic world.

Check out the trailer down below:

As typical from Kojima, this is one of those trailers that keeps raising more questions than it answers, and it looks like that any future Death Stranding trailers will be more cryptic than the other, at this rate, we don’t expect the final game to make any sense either, however, it is a Joy to see that you’ll be able to count on Troy Baker to troll you along the game while you walk around carrying corpses.

This trailer effectively confirms Troy Baker as part of the main cast of Death Stranding alongside Norman Reedus, Madds Mikkelsen, Guillermo Del Toro, Léa Seydoux, Lindsay Wagner, and Emily O’Brien. Aside from the confirmed cast, Hideo Kojima also revealed a piece of concept art of a new unnamed character that is portrayed as the boss of  Norman Reedus’s character Sams Bridges and it is confirmed that it will be played by Tommy Earl Jenkins.

Below is the concept art that was revealed during the presentation at the Tokyo Game Show 2018:

Death Stranding

As of yet not much is known about the nature of the game, however, in the words of Kojima himself from a previous interview, this is what he has to say about the game:

“You can think of Death Stranding as an action game. Many people play games in the shooting genre and I want to make a game that is very intuitive for them so they can get into the experience very easily, but when they play it for a bit they will realise there is a certain new type of depth to it, something that they might not have seen before.”

Hideo Kojima hasn’t yet given a release date as of right know, though it is expected that the game may release sometime in 2019.

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