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Deal With The Devil First Trailer Released

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Deal With The Devil First Trailer Released

Cornwall (UK) based developer Round Table Games Studio released today the first of five trailers telling the back story for it’s newest game Deal With The Devil.

Navigate the turbulence of an Art Deco 1920’s world as Amelia Woods, a woman charting her course between the blood-spattered secrets of the past and the trials of an ominous, shifting future. Make preparations before setting off to encounters unknown in a search for forbidden knowledge. No preparation, though, will suffice to pay the price, as indelible ramifications flow from the consequences of your actions.

Watch the first trailer of Deal With The Devil:

Studio Head Rich Barham, formerly with Blizzard Entertainment, Riot Games, and ZeniMax; said:

“We’re delighted to share the first of a series of trailers which reveal some of the back story of the main character Amelia. As you might imagine, we love a good dark tale, particularly when it is linked to a puzzle or mystery, With that in mind, we’ve included pieces of a puzzle to solve across the five trailers which lead to some more of the story of Amelia’s world.”

Deal With The Devil is a first person horror title set in the Art-Deco 1920’s in a series of episodes which will see the player explore a number of very different distinctive locations across the world. Most critically, they will do so through either the eyes of a benign hero, or as they descend into the role of the Anti-Hero. It’s a game strongly anchored in dark narrative which, and is in development in Unreal Engine 4, the game aims to bridge the gap between narrative-driven experience and first person horror.

For more information on Deal With The Devil visit it’s official website.

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