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Deadlight: Director’s Cut Announced for PS4, Xbox One & PC

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Deadlight: Director’s Cut Announced for PS4, Xbox One & PC

Deep Silver just announced that the side-scrolling survival horror video game called Deadlight would receive a remaster treatment for PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms. First released in 2012, the game takes place in Seattle 1986 where players control protagonist’s Randall Wayne who is a former park ranger who sets out to find his family in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse.

The director’s cut of the game will feature updated graphics, new enhanced controls, new animations, and full 1080p resolution along with a new gameplay mode called “Survival Arena”.

Deadlight: Director’s Cut is a throwback to the good old survival platforming side-scrollers of the early 1990s such as Prince of Persia and Another world. It was originally published by Microsoft Game Studios and was intended to be an exclusive Xbox Live Arcade Title for the time, however, Deep Silver acquired the publishing rights for the game and game developer tequila works started development of the game for other platforms.

Check out the trailer for the director’s cut version of the game below:


“Face your fears, or face death in the newly announced Deadlight: Directors Cut from Deep Silver, launching this summer on consoles and PC. Deadlight, the iconic zombie experience rises once more, spreading its deadliest infection yet to PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft and PC. Created in collaboration between Tequila Works and Abstraction Games, Deadlight: Directors Cut will deliver the definitive Deadlight cinematic experience on June 21, 2016 for $19.99.

Making its debut on PlayStation consoles, Deadlight: Directors Cut enhances the survival platformer on all systems in every way including: superior controls, new animations and full 1080p resolution. Featuring a brand new game mode, the ‘Survival Arena’ will be one of the toughest zombie challenges yet.

Set in an apocalyptic 1986, Deadlight tells the tale of Randall Wayne, an introverted and slightly paranoid survivor trying to rejoin his family in a world torn apart by zombies. From the destroyed streets of Seattle, through the crumbled underbelly of the city’s sewers, and the remnants of a forgotten stadium, players search for the haven known as the ‘safe point.’ Through tense platforming and life-threatening zombie encounters, gamers must choose to use limited ammunition to decimate the undead or utilize the surroundings to sneak past them and hide. Combat isn’t always the answer, especially against those known as ‘shadows,’ the walking, undead remains of the human race.”

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