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Dead Space
Dead Space

Dead Space Remake Announced At Ea Play

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Rounding out the EA Play show today was the rumored reveal of a New reboot to the Dead Space game. While very little was showcased for the game we have heard whispers of this game being in development for a few months now, being helmed by the team behind Star Wars: Squadron, EA Motive.

Now when I say barely anything was revealed other than that it existed, I mean it. Only two or so brief scenes made up the trailer, with the first making it pretty obvious what we are watching, even before we see a certain somebody’s telltale glowing feature.

Even before it was shown, the host of the show, WWE Superstar Xavier Woods was building up anticipation. He would over to a dark door and stated that the final announcement he had to show people was through there. The camera pulls into it and suddenly we are transported to a metal hallway within the game.

Fans of the series should easily recognize the setting, playing off of a similar setting from the main game. The eery music and, creepy local should make clear we have just stepped into a horror game. As the camera moves upon an elevator it opens only to show the outline of some kind of creepy monster. Though not stated, this is clearly a necromorph.

Then we get the reveal of Isaac Clark, just sorta standing in a corner with his back to the camera. While for anybody else this might just be a slow build of anticipation, thanks to his signature health bar which glows along his spin we know exactly who this is.

We get a scene of space, a title card for Dead Space, and with that, the EA Play show was over, but what a way to go out. The game will be powered by the Frostbite engine and currently has no release date.

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