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Dead or Alive 6 Characters Mai and Kula Released Today

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Dead or Alive 6 Characters Mai and Kula Released Today

Koei Tecmo updated Dead or Alive 6 version 1.06 which includes quite a few character balancing tweaks and the addition of two new characters. You can view the trailer for the characters from last week here:

The summary of the patch notes on the official site include:

-Added characters “Mai Shiranui” and “Kula Diamond.” (Character licenses are available in each platform store.)

– Added new “Versus” rematch rules to LOBBY MATCHES.

– Expanded text chat availability.

– Adjusted text chat window and font size in LOBBY MATCHES.

– Adjusted game balance.

– Corrected various bugs and issues.

The two new characters from the King of Fighters Series, Mai Shirunai and Kula Diamond get released as well.

To view the full list of changes from their changelog, look here.

For more coverage on Dead or Alive 6’s new features, check out here.

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