Dead Island 2 Pre-Orders Show On Microsoft’s Marketplace

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Dead Island 2 Pre-Orders Show On Microsoft’s Marketplace

Dead Island was a fun, and interesting open-world zombie title in 2011. As one of four different survivors, you use their unique skills and abilities along with crating weapons to survive the Zombie Apocalypse on an Island Paradise. After the release the game gained some popularity as the melee combat against the zombies in an open world fairly caught on.

Techland publishing then released Dead Island: Riptide in 2013 which continued the events of the original game while introducing a couple of new elements, otherwise the story itself was not very memorable and played very much the same as the first Dead Island.

Then in 2014, a trailer for the full sequel to Dead Island was going to be bigger, better and more fun. The game was to take place in L.A. where the zombie infection has spread. While the trailer seemed to be interesting and pokes some fun into this zombie-infested world, no other information was announced since then.

The game did have to change development studios after a while and seemed to be stuck in development hell. Of course THQ Nordic has said in a financial report call that the game is on the table for list of releases from the company including Biomutant, Wasteland 3, Desperados 3, Iron Harvest, and some unannounced secret projects with a total of 80 projects in total.

Well now it seems that the game will possibly make a return this year as the game is available to pre-order on the Microsoft Marketplace. The description reads ,”Welcome to Dead Island, where Paradise meets Hell.” Additionally the game has listed a release date for December 31, 2019. While Dead Island probably seems like a good release for the end of December, that’s simply just a placeholder date along with a seemingly default pre-announcement description. If anything this means that Dead Island 2 will definitely have a real release coming this year and will more than likely be announced at E3 2019.

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