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Dead by Daylight
Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight Releasing on June 14th

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Dead by Daylight Releasing on June 14th

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer-based 1 vs 4 horror game releasing on June 14th on Steam. It is developed by Behaviour Digital Inc., who have primarily done outside third-party work for various games, ranging from Dishonored to Far Cry 3, and being published by Starbreeze Studios, who are probably best known for publishing the PayDay games and the Chronicles of Riddick games.

There is a chance that after releasing on PC it may also be developed for consoles, but for now only the PC version is officially confirmed. The game costs $19.99 with a 10% discount on launch (and a 20% discount if you own PayDay 2). There’s also an option to get a 5-pack, which costs the amount of four copies with one additional copy for free. There is also a deluxe edition, who’s content is as follows:

DBD Deluxe Edition

The beta of the game starts on May 29th and will last for two weeks, going into the launch of the game on June 14th.

The developers want to do post-launch support for future killers, locations, modes, and more, and their ability to do so is tied to how the game performs, and they have confirmed they would release future killers/maps/modes as free expansions.

The main objective of the core game is for the four survivors to evade and ward against the ‘killer’, of which there are three of on launch, and each function quite differently (more on them in a bit). The survivors must go and activate three out of five generators on the map, and escape. The killer meanwhile must eradicate the survivors; but rather than a straight-up kill method, the killers must knock out and drag the bodies to a ritualistic site and offer their souls to a realm beyond ours, meanwhile as they do this, other players can potentially rescue them. Both humans and the killer can use the environment to their advantage, ranging from traps, setting up decoys, and more. Humans also can scavenge the environment for supplies to be used to benefit them, their team mates, or to set-up the monster. Things range from sacrifices to bring back dead players, to medpacks, to methods to fend and defend yourself (though one cannot outright kill the killer).

Dead by Daylight features randomly generated levels, and on launch, it is based around 3 locales with four maps each. How this works is that there is a main ‘locale theme’ of the map (IE Forest, Nightmare Land, Industrial on launch), and each has four different ‘regions’ (the forest has a swamp and a sawmill for two of its maps, as an example). The maps randomly generate from the map to place and change-up environmental objects, objectives, generators, ritual sites, death triggers, and more. To note, the players (both humans and killers) have ‘blood’ they can put into different elements of the match before the game begins, and one such element they can change is things about the procedural generated level, including the ability to spawn more generators, ritual sites, and more. But there is only so much blood each player has, and blood also can be used for character specific abilities.

With the above mentioned blood system, each character (both the humans and the killers) can make certain attributes and use blood to give themselves certain perks. The perks pull from your blood at the start of the match (which you have finite of, again) which can be spent in different areas. On-top of this, both the characters and the killers have an upgrade tree they get from more experience. The upgrade tree can give a player certain perks, but there is a unique mechanic in the game known as the ‘engulfing entity’, where when picking perks off the skill tree, a ‘shadow’ will consume other perks, making them unavailable to you, and will grow from a source point and consume more as you upgrade more.

Below is a list of everything that will be in the game at launch:

DBD Info

And as you may see, there are three killers on launch. One of them has been kept under wraps (the one to the right in the above content image), but the other two are known.

The trapper specializes in — you guessed it — traps. He can lay out different kinds of traps, along with his signature bear traps, around the level. He like the other killers has his own sets of special abilities he can use, one of which includes he has a one-time use (per round) ability he can gain to be the only killer to outright kill a downed human without bringing them to a ritual site. He has far more abilities, as do all the monsters, but he focuses on being able to trick and trap the players, and comes at them more like a brooding straight-up slasher killer.

The Wraith will be more detailed shortly, but what we know right now is he has a boneclub, and his primary function is maneuverability and visibility. He can turn invisible to hunt, and more promised to his supernatural and hunter side to his other abilities we shall learn more about soon.


For more information on Dead by Daylight, visit it’s Steam page.

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