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Dead Cells Gets Free “Rise Of The Giant DLC” and Achieves 2 Million Sales

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Dead Cells gets a new Animated Trailer showing off our Flaming-headed Hero attempting to defeat the Giant. Along with the new trailer is the “Rise of The Giant” DLC which adds several new things to the game such as new areas, skins, and weapons.

New giant-themed weapons include the Giant Killer, the BOi Axe and the new and improved Thunder Shield where parries cause you to shock nearby enemies for a short amount of time.

There are 10 new enemy types and new in-game skills that include a new pet, and a scroll that will reveal the current level map. In addition there will be a new Specialist shop where players can buy the Hunter’s Grenade, one of 50 skins, or a new Map.

The new area on the other hand starts after players who have beaten the main game and will include new enemies along with a new boss, possibly the giant skeleton in the trailer.

The downloadable content is available on the Nintendo Switch, and PS4 for free, and is entering beta branch on Steam. Xbox players will have to wait for the update as the developers state, “Apologies for the Xbox owners… a nasty bug is still playing cats and dogs with us. We will bring you the DLC as soon as we can.”

Additionally in other important news, 2 Million copies of Dead Cells has been sold worldwide since release. This is an impressive feat for a game that started off in early access and has evolved heavily since then.

Hopefully Motion Twin will have more for us to see in the future, and hopefully they can bring even more toys for our ninja to play with.

For the full list of Patch notes, visit the official Dead Cells website here.

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