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De Mambo
De Mambo

De Mambo Will be in the Tokyo Games Show 2016

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De Mambo Will be in the Tokyo Games Show 2016

It was announced by The Dangerous Kitchen, that they are heading back to the land of retro consoles and games: Japan—to bankrupt themselves buying said retro consoles and games, but most importantly, For the Tokyo Games Show 2016, to present new features for their game De Mambo.

Check out the trailer of De Mambo, showcasing the games’ features:

“After the warm reception in Kyoto at BitSummit 4 back in July, The Dangerous Kitchen have added an abundance of new content to be shown at TGS including the debut of single player. “We seriously cannot wait to head to back to Japan and go to Akihabara—I mean TGS again, and see how all the new content goes down.” jabbered designer and animator Lucy Dove.

New features:

  • A brilliant batch of new blocks to battle with and a loads of lavish levels to loll around in.
  • ‘Solo Mode’ for those of you lacking in people to pitilessly pelt in multiplayer.
  • Enemies galore, a real wild bunch of non playable characters in serious need of a good beating.

De Mambo will be seen loafing around at Makuhari Messe in the indie room on the 15th-18th September.

Solo De Mambo

De Mambo’s flawless and victorious new single-player mode, aptly titled ‘Solo Mode’ is truly a combatant mode for mortals. In this thrilling Science Fiction action adventure, rather than taking you across the galaxy to fascinating alien worlds, it will instead make you traverse some kind of impeding tower of doom full of various gameplay challenges that use the De Mambo formula in new and bizarre ways.

About De Mambo

De Mambo is a chaotic and fast paced single-screen action platform game that lets players take control of up to four characters locked in infinite mambo! The aim of the game is to knock your opponent off the screen… and use your measly one button to attack with three levels of charge. Break the level however you decide (thanks to some flimsy architecture) to make your game marginally different each time you play.”

For more information on De Mambo, visit its official website.

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