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DC Universe Online Releases the Ep. 30: Earth 3 Event

DC Universe Online Releases the Ep. 30: Earth 3 Event

Daybreak Games announced that they just released a new Event and Episode: Earth 3 for their long-running MMO DC Universe Online (DCUO). Unlike most DLCs, all of the content in Earth 3 has an event-version, accessible to and playable by virtually all players in DCUO, no matter where they are at in the game.

Check out the official trailer of the Episode: Earth 3 in DC Universe Online, showcasing the new features:

“In Earth 3, players unite with the Justice League to take on the Crime Syndicate, the League’s doppelganger foes from an alternate universe where good is evil and evil is good. Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman will take on their counterparts Ultraman, Superwoman, and Owlman.

Earth 3 also prominently features Cyborg, The Flash, Johnny Quick, and an evil Mayor James Gordon, and spans a range of new environments, from a completely new open-world section of Gotham City to the Syndicate’s Panopticon satellite itself. Players will be able to play exciting new open-world solo and group missions, a new 2-player duo, a new 4-player alert, and two new 8-player raids.

Earth 3’s episode content is included with DCUO membership or available to purchase for non-members, and Earth 3’s event content is available free for all players level 10+ for a limited time.


Hello DCUO! Episode 30: Earth 3 is a very special episode for the team here. NerdOfPrey will get to the story and content of the episode in a moment, but first we need to talk about what’s changed overall in this episode’s structure and development process.

We’re raising the bar for episodes here with a better, targeted approach to creating content. We have enormous diversity in our player base – players of all types with all sorts of expectations – and in Episode 30, we wanted to have more freedom to design content specifically for more of these different kinds of players.

What does that mean? Earth 3 will have three different types or versions of content. You’re used to seeing two versions – normal and elite. Additionally, this episode will also have an easier, stat-clamped version of all instances. The stat-clamped versions – essentially a Starro-sized major event – will launch alongside and in addition to the full episode, for all players over level 10, and will remain until Episode 31 launches next year.

To recap, we’ll have:

  • Event Content (Easier, stat-clamped content that is accessible and available to all players level 10+)
  • End-Game Content (Regularly challenging content that is available to players CR 207+)
  • Elite Content (Highly challenging content that is intended for elite players CR 207+)

For example, here’s what that looks like for Earth 3:

  • Open World
    • Version A: Event Content (Stat Clamped and For Everyone)
  • Duo & Alert
    • Version A: Event Content (Stat Clamped and For Everyone)
    • Version B: End-Game Content (For Players CR 207+)
  • Raids
    • Version A: Event Content (Stat Clamped and For Everyone)
    • Version B: End-Game Content (For Players CR 207+)
    • Version C: Elite Content (For Elite Players CR 207+)

By creating three versions of content instead of two, we are able to focus more specifically on the experience our different groups of players desire. The stat-clamped content is highly accessible (and of course open to players of any level), so it is a light, easy-going experience. The regular end-game version is more challenging, but still accessible to the majority of players.

Because we have these two easier options, this really freed us to ratchet up the difficulty in the elite version, where we have refocused our efforts on creating challenge through skill-based mechanics that have clear messaging, involve the whole group, and are absolutely devastating when failed. Elite players will be required to perform at the peak of possibility and work together to find victory. The team has really embraced this freedom and enjoyed designing to this new challenge, so we can’t wait to see you tackle it head on.”

For more information on DC Universe Online, visit its official website.

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