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The Day After: Origins Released on Steam Early Access

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The Day After: Origins Released on Steam Early Access

It was announced by Coconut Games, that their survival video game The Day After : Origins is now available on Steam’s Early Access. This alpha version of the game gives the community a glimpse of what the whole project will look like when it is entirely finalized.

Check out the Early Access trailer of The Day After: Origins, featuring some gameplay footage:

“The Day After : Origins is an action and story-driven game, in which each decision made involves irreversible consequences. Taking place in a North-American mining town after a sudden bacteriological attack,  the adventure is playable both alone or online with someone else.

Described as an introduction The Day After : Origins’ universe, this alpha version allows the player to try some of the game’s main features such as narrative decisions, open world, fights against mutants of stages 1 and 2 along with the firetruck management among others.

According to the developers, the game shall be available about a year on Early Access before the official and final version is released. However, Coconut Games’ team mentioned that they will prioritize the quality over the schedule of the launch. Until then, the team states they will make several adjustments, in accordance with the player’s comments.



Enter a universe where realism is lord and master. Created with Unreal Engine 4 , the territory on which expends Grayfox Hill offers multiple places to explore and loot both day and night, but beware of the dangerous infected creatures who might be close… From abandoned buildings to the edge of the forest, the exploration of this world extends over a vast area, not only on the surface, but also in the underground. Grayfox Hill’s mines are dark and worrying places offering worthwhile tunnels to explore. Moreover, the eye adaptation technology is used when Noah walks in darker locations, increasing your immersion in this new universe.


Grayfox Hill is crawling with enemies and dangers. As the threatening spore surrounds certain areas, the mutants are causing nightmares to the last survivors. Under the bacterium’s influence, an infected human body goes through three stages of evolution; newborn, outburster and reaper. These also are the three types of mutants you’ll meet in Grayfox Hill. Like if it wasn’t enough, a group of outlaws called the Dawn Breakers causes a lot of troubles around. With these outlaws and the infected people, you’ll get plenty of enemies to fight in The Day After: Origins .


Noah Byers is a young man of instinct who knows how to tilt his environment in his favor. Through the fights, the player is encouraged to use some of the elements around him to thwart his opponents and to slow them down. In addition to guns and long-range weapons, Noah can coat his bullets with substances with various effects, use close-combat weapons and create diversions. There are countless battle strategies available to you.


Commandeer the abandoned fire truck of the city and make it your home base. Barricade yourself during assaults and drive quickly from one place to another, but don’t forget to keep an eye on the gas, the mechanics and the tires, otherwise you might get stuck in the middle of an infected zone. Save your progression inside the truck and sleep to regain your strength.


One of the most important aspects of The Day After: Origins experience is about making choices. Every action or even inaction of the player will affect the storyline and the world itself. All the non-playable characters react and interact with Noah, in accordance to the reputation you build with your decisions. Even the landscape can be changed according to some of your choices.


If all choices come with consequences, they also come along with karma points in our game. Karma points allow the player to unlock special abilities for Noah. Each choice makes the player earn or lose karma points. The total number of points can be negative if the player takes several bad decisions. Whether you choose the light path or the dark one, the skills you’ll access have been thought to fit with your alignment and habits in the game. Will you be the savior of this human crisis? Or will you be another kind of scourge in Grayfox Hill?


Experience The Day After: Origins alone or in team of two with its online coop mode. Fight multiple enemies together, save your partner’s life, trade items you found in the darkest corners of Grayfox Hill and take part of the exclusive side quests of the online coop mode.

About Coconut Games

We make games with a focus on mechanics, minimalism and expression.
We work in small team and we are passionates.”

For more information on The Day After: Origins, visit its official website.

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