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Dark Souls Remastered
Dark Souls Remastered

Dark Souls Remastered To Feature Improved Frame Rates In Blighttown

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Dark Souls Remastered To Feature Improved Frame Rates In Blighttown

Shortly after its announcement, it’s been confirmed that Dark Souls Remastered, the remastered version of the action role-playing game by From Software, will not feature any major gameplay change. This didn’t mean that minor tweaks wouldn’t be in it, and today we have learned about one interesting change.

According to a now deleted article posted on Fandom, Dark Souls Remastered introduces some tweak to the jumping mechanics, as now the action is executed by pressing the L3 button in the vein of more recent Souls games such as Dark Souls 3 and the PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne. This should make it easier to reach certain areas and perform jumping attacks in battle.

Additionally, the article also mentions that the game runs well on PlayStation 4 Pro, with only some small drops here and there. The bane of all Dark Souls PlayStation 3 players, Blighttown, also runs much better in the remaster, which is welcome news indeed. Difficulty hasn’t been toned down at all, so prepare to die a lot

Dark Souls Remastered launches on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch next month.

The port is being worked on by QLOC, under supervision of From Software.

Not a lot has changed, really. 4K resolution is supported, and 60fps will be supported out of the box. Texture and lighting effects have been improved, though it’ll be hard to verify this until we actually see the game in action on PC.

As for the functional changes in the Remaster, that’s when things get interesting. The original Dark Souls was bullish in its insistence that you play online with strangers – organising skirmishes or cooperative outings with friends was a mix of luck and laborious trial and error. But now, the Password Matching from both Dark Souls 2 and 3 will be available, with the summoned player’s level (for both character and weapon) syncing with the host.

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