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Dark Souls III
Dark Souls III

Dark Souls III Gets A 60 FPS Boost On Xbox Series X|S

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Xbox Italy released a picture shortly ago implying that Dark Souls III might be receiving an FPS boost on the latest Xbox Systems, the Xbox Series X|S. Looks like we did not have to wait long to find out that this was indeed the case. Again, anybody looking to die in the punishing third act of the Dark Souls series will find they can now die in 60 FPS.

This is not the first game to receive an update of this nature on the system, as a defining feature of Xbox this generation has been a commitment to upgrading games. However, according to the team behind this, the upgrade for Dark Souls III used a “brand new technique,” to achieve the framerate boost. Even better, the team at Microsoft confirmed they worked closely with both From Software and Namco Bandai on the update.

Jason Ronald, director of PM at Xbox, stated:

“We heard you! The team is thrilled to bring FPS Boost to Dark Souls 3. This required a brand new technique, unique to Dark Souls III, to enable 60 FPS on Xbox Series X|S. Huge thank you to our partners at FROM Software and Bandai Namco for their partnership and support.”

If plays want to take full advantage of this increase, they need to install the game, download the patch for it, and boot up the game, that’s it. After that, the only thing players need to do is prepare to die.

While this might not be the purchase of a Japanese company Xbox fans have been hoping for, there is a lot of positive to take away from this. Working closely with a Japanese company on a quality of life upgrade for a game 6 years old bodes well for the relationships the company has been closely forging.

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