Dangerous Driving Adds Online Multiplayer to PS4

Dangerous Driving Adds Online Multiplayer to PS4

Three Fields Entertainment has confirmed that online multiplayer will arrive for Dangerous Driving on PlayStation 4 as part of their newest update. The PC and Xbox updates will become available sometime later due to resubmissions with the updates with Xbox. Only the Online for PlayStation 4 will be available starting today.

Three Fields has been making updates on Twitter detailing the submission process. Unfortunately they stated that Xbox update resubmission was the main reason for only the PS4 getting the update today so the Xbox update will be coming out next week for Online. For PC however, they state that it’s “coming soon” so hopefully within the next month.

Well as the update is out on the PS4, they included the following:

  • 6-player online racing
  • A Ranking system direly related to your finishing position in each race. Finish a race and you will get 1 point plus another point for every person you beat, giving a maximum of 6 points per race (as we add more game modes we will likely add more ways to earn points)
  • 18 pre set events
  • Client Server but without a dedicated Server – so one player will be the host and they will create the game and choose the event (and hence the car)

Other updates include optimizations to fix lag during races and game balances to make the races more level for everyone.

So for PS4 users, they will be able to play the game in its full, online glory. Unfortunately Xbox and PC users will have to wait on a later time for the update to be released. Hopefully the PC will have its online features sooner than a week, as the Xbox will have the update next.

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