Dad Quest

Dad Quest Steam Early Access Announced for February 2017

Dad Quest Steam Early Access Announced for February 2017

It was announced by Veteran games publisher, Excalibur, the Early Access release of its hotly anticipated, action / adventure, side scrolling platform game, Dad Quest, developed by Sundae Month for February 2017.

Check out the Steam Greenlight trailer of Dad Quest, featuring some gameplay footage:

“Dad Quest is a narrative-driven, action-adventure platformer featuring puzzle-solving and RPG elements. In it, you play as a Dad who, like every Dad, has been tasked with the monumental duty of raising a Child. But in this world, Children are weapons, and you will love, teach and encourage yours to be the best weapon that they can be!

To fulfil the Dad Quest, a Dad must reach Dad Island and uncover the source of all Dad powers, the Dad Spirit. You and your Child will face a number of strange and dangerous enemies, meet many peculiar characters, and may even find that the world is not as happy-go-lucky a place as you first imagined. Remaining a Good Dad is no simple task and your parenting skills will be put to the test as you travel from desert ruins to mountain hot springs and finally into the realm of the Bad Dads where few other Dads have ventured before.

With each battle, the Child gains experience which allows them to unlock their inner strength and level up, learning new skills through an RPG-inspired skill tree. This enables a Dad to raise their Child in their own special way, with every Child ending up different as they grow more and more powerful. In addition, the world is packed with collectible Heirlooms and Toys that will aid the Dad and Child on their journey. These items may be key to completing smaller quests for curious characters or discovering new and exciting locations teeming with adventure at every turn.

Excalibur believes that Dad Quest has huge mass market appeal as it’s unveiling at EGX recently showed. It has already garnered interest amongst fans of traditional platform games including Metroid, Castlevania, Shovel Knight, and Megaman as well as adventure and RPG games like Paper Mario.”

For more information on Dad Quest, visit its Steam page.

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