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Cycle 28 is Coming to Itch.io

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Cycle 28 is Coming to Itch.io

Today Pill Bug Interactive announced that Cycle 28 is coming to itch.io – entering its first open beta phase – on Saturday 3rd February 2018. Keep an eye on the Pill Bug Interactive itch.io page for further announcements and info as Cycle 28 is released.

Check out the gameplay trailer of Cycle 28, featuring some gameplay footage:

What is Cycle 28?

You think Cycle 28 is a 2D space shooter in the classic arcade style, where only your score matters. The controls are simple. The action is fast-paced. Insane dogfights lead to epic, screen-filling bosses. But the truth is: You don’t know what Cycle 28 is. Not yet.
Playing as Olivia Bergen – a flight lieutenant that has become separated from her fleet – you only know Cycle 27. You live it over, and over, and over again. And if that wasn’t bad enough, every time you drop from warp they are waiting for you.
You don’t know who they are or what they want. You just know you’re the only thing between them and home. So you get better, faster, stronger. Maybe one of these Cycle’s you’ll figure it out. Until then, you can only keep dying.

Key features

  • Kaleidoscopic space combat — G-force fuelled battles against an unknown, unknowable enemy. An arcade shooter reminiscent of classic and modern pillars of the genre, which demands focus, cunning, and a gunner’s timing.
  • Upgrades — Beat your personal high score in a run to unlock upgrades. With 121 possible configurations, customise your ship and master new tactics to live just a little longer.
  • Evolving story — Uncover the secrets of why you’re stuck in Cycle, why they’re hell-bent on destroying everything you love, and just who they really are.
  • Epic original score — A powerfully atmospheric mix of modern orchestral and retro electronic sounds by Jordan Rees (Blade Runner 2049 IMAX Countdown, Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare DLC Trailer, The Defenders TV Trailer).

Cycle 28 won’t be easy. It won’t be quick. But that’s okay. You’re not going anywhere.+

About Pill Bug Interactive

Pill Bug Interactive was formed in early 2017. We’ve since published our first game Intelligent Design: An Evolutionary Sandbox. We are currently hard at work on our second title Cycle 28.

Our aim is to create games that appear simple on the outside, but hide a deeper complexity within. All you need to do is explore.”

For more information on Cycle 28, visit its official website.

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