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Cutthroat is Available Now on Steam

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Cutthroat is Available Now on Steam

Ocumens, an indie game studio based in Houston, Texas, announced the launch of their game Cutthroat, a stealth-based party game.

Check out the trailer of Cutthroat, featuring some gameplay footage:

“In Cutthroat, up to four players must find and kill their opponents while staying hidden in a crowd of identical NPCs. You must use your wits to outmaneuver your opponents and take them out before they even know you’re there.
Features include:

  • Four classes with unique abilities
  • Maps with terrain effects
  • Single player/ co-op missions
  • Ranked local and online multiplayer

Cutthroat might remind you of games like Hidden in Plain Sight, but we took some inspiration from the Assassin’s Creed franchise and made the stealth gameplay more active and dynamic. We added classes with unique abilities and maps with varying terrain effects to the game so that there were different playstyles and tactical options available for players.

We had an early access period on Itch and were featured on Alienware Arena. In October, we won Audience Choice at the Intel Indie Game Showcase at the Austin Game Conference.


Post Launch Hotfixes and Team Deathmatch

This one’s mainly a hotfix for a couple things we noticed post launch, including some some issues regarding gaining ranked rating and some typos pointed out by our community members.

We also brought back the local multiplayer Team Deathmatch game mode. Team Deathmatch was added early in development, but since it is not the primary game mode it had fallen by the wayside a bit. Prior to launch we discovered some bugs in Team Deathmatch that popped up. We did not want to release Team Deathmatch in that state so we held it off for a few days until we could get the bugs fixed.

Team Deathmatch is a 2v2 game mode where the last team standing wins. Each team decides on a class to play and must coordinate between themselves while not giving away their strategies to their opponents.”

For more information on Cutthroat, visit its Steam page.

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