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Cuphead Series Announced for Netflix

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Cuphead Series Announced for Netflix

It would seem that Studio MDHR as made a good game that has grabbed fans from all over, even to some making animations and games similar to Cuphead’s style. Well now it seems like that even Netflix has taken up on this offer as they and Team Features Syndicate will be given a new animated television series. The show will be called The Cuphead Show! and it will be focusing on the adventures of Cuphead and Mugman who are set to stop the Devil himself.

IGN had an interview with Studio MDHR where they say that they won’t be helping with the animation process for the show as Netflix’s animators will be handling that.

Additionally the show is set to be aimed for not just kids, but adults as well, meaning that the game will features some clever themes that the game goes over.

The Cuphead Show has no date at the moment, but we’re thinking that the show might come to the light of day at least in early 2020.

A Cuphead show sounds interesting and would make sense as the game is focused on the old rubberhose animation and some mature themes such as gambling, drinking, and smoking. Other games have had an animated series such as the Super Mario Show, the Castlevania series on Netflix, and even that new Witcher series coming out.

In the meantime, I’m curious on how the show will turn out and if it will resemble the animations of the game itself. We don’t know what’s in store but the show seems to be in good hands as Netflix generally takes care of shows on their service.

Check out new on Cuphead’s delayed DLC here.

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