Crossfire X to Release First on Xbox One

Crossfire X to Release First on Xbox One

It looks like the recently announced, Crossfire X, an adaption to Asia’s popular fps, Crossfire is making its way to the west and will first release on the Xbox One in 2020. That’s right, this South-Korean based shooter made by Smilegate Entertainment is finally coming overseas and makes its announcement with a new trailer during Microsoft’s E3 2019 Press Conference.

As the trailer doesn’t show much of the actual game, some things the game will include vehicle combat, underwater fighting, and the use of military weapons. Unfortunately we would mostly like to see some in-game gameplay for the Xbox One, but the production for the game’s trailer seems promising.

This does mean that the game will be made for modern audiences that are new to Crossfire. Originally, the game is a free-to-play shooter where players fight as one of two mercenary factions in a competitive first-person shooter gameplay that can easily be compared to Valve’s Counter-Strike. The two factions are Global Risk who are a private military corporation that are made to counterattack any terrorists threats. The other faction is the Black List the main terrorist organization to oppose Global Risk.

The original game was launched in 2007 and has around 8 million users and 650 million accounts overall. As the game is available in 80 countries, Asia is its main playerbase where the game originated from.

Among other announcements for Microsoft’s E3 Conference that include Psychonauts 2, Minecraft Dungeons, and Battletoads, Crossfire X will more than likely be a welcome addition to Microsoft’s ever-growing catalogue of games. Hopefully this popular game will be able to capture the attention of players over here in the west and will probably double the game’s population by the time the game releases.

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