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Crimson Desert Releases Gameplay Trailer
Crimson Desert Releases Gameplay Trailer

Crimson Desert Releases Gameplay Trailer

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Pearl Abyss released a gameplay overview trailer for their upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Crimson Desert. 

Exploring the world, solving mysteries and having an adventure are central to Crimson Desert’s gameplay. With multiple biomes to explore including the snow-ridden lands up north to the rich plains, even the titular Crimson Desert are all explorable. Anything the player sees can be traveled to, leaving decisions on where to explore next entirely up to the player.  Explore a worldwhere a diverse mix of human and non-human races co-exist”

Combat was highlighted in the trailer, with developers and producers discussing its ethos when designing combat. Players can coordinate attacks with other players and allies to create a combination of attacks. Developers primary focus, it seems, was to create combat that was unique and not found in other titles in the genre. With quick dash moves to navigate the battlefield, a complex grapple mechanic, and a host of weapons and abilities at the player’s disposal, the combat looks to be relatively complex and substantial compared to other MMOs.

The MMO is attempting to tell a single-player, main character based narrative that runs throughout the game, with the main character’s mercenary allies also having their own storylines and backstories to explore and unravel. 

Developers want players to be able to explore the world in the way that they want to. The trailer showed off the other activities the player will be engaging in, other than combat. Exploration was shown, with the player gaining access to powers including summoning lightning to imbue your weapon with, bringing forth platforms to run across on a mountain top, solving puzzles, running through gauntlets, and swinging across chasms with a grappling hook

Developers continued by talking about the game’s artificial intelligence and its ability to adapt to the situation at hand. The NPCs players will encounter will retreat if things look bleak, pick up a weapon on the ground if they have been disarmed, or bum rush the player character if the NPC feels it is their last resort. 

The spectacle of Crimson Desert looks very promising with its mix of MMO staples and single-player narrative. Crimson Desert is set to release for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC some time in late 2021. 

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