Cosmic League
Cosmic League

Cosmic League is Now Available in Italian, Polish and Turkish

Cosmic League is Now Available in Italian, Polish and Turkish

Today it was announced by IDC/Games, that the Italian, Polish and Turkish localization of their new game Cosmic League has been completed. The game is still in Closed Beta. The Open Beta of the game and its final release are being scheduled for Q3 2016. This game is also planning to be released on Steam before the end of the year.


Check out the EU teaser trailer of Cosmic League, featuring a CGI action scene between the main characters of the game:

“Crimrose, Lunastasia and Fiona.

Players can already sign up on the oficial website, in order to be able to play in these new languages.

The new version of the game came to Japan in mid-2015 and has already obtained a resounding success, with hundreds of thousands of players enjoying their style and action.

Cosmic League, the new versión of the famous Cosmic Break, known in Japan as Cosmic Break 2 is an online shooter full of action. It takes place in arenas and has cute girls and murderous robots as the main characters. In this MMO, two teams of up to 10 players battle each other in an arena designed to give you a most exciting experience. The constantly changing battlefield will force you to be always on guard and adapt your strategies to the changes.

Though a multitude of varied civilizations exist, scattered throughout the galaxies, two in particular have garnered universal attention. The first were the Humes, an organic species whose techology and adaptability have allowed them to prosper. The other are robots who, despite being inorganic metallic lifeforms, possess similar values to Humes. Their combined love for sports and combat have led to the foundation of the Cosmic League, a galactic-scale battle event.

The League draws participants from across the universe. The strongest of the strong test their mettle against each other. Those who come to fight and those who come to cheer them on do so out of necessity. What they desire is not wealth, nor is it fame… but the Cosmo Piece…a miraculous material capable of granting one’s heartfelt desire.

Choose your main character from amongst six different classes and take part in exciting PVP battles. Fight to obtain Cosmic Pieces try to drain the Enemy Team’s battle points before your own resources die out. Become a fighter in the Cosmic League and be the strongest in the Galaxy, enjoy the amazing graphics of this third-person game and characters designed in Japanese Anime-style. Enter the Cosmic League and participate in unforgettable battles!”

For more information on Cosmic League, visit its official website.

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