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Copy Kitty
Copy Kitty

Copy Kitty is Coming to Steam on April 19th

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Copy Kitty is Coming to Steam on April 19th

Degica Games announced that Copy Kitty is fully releasing on Steam April 19th, 2018! Available now on Early Access at its discounted price.

Check out the official trailer of Copy Kitty, showcasing the games’ features:

“Copy Kitty combines everything you love about classic 2D platformers into something completely new. Play as Boki, a superhero in training with the ability to copy the attacks of anything she fights and then combine them into a unique super-weapon! You’ll need to mix-and-match your powers to blast your way through an army of deadly robots and puzzling environments.


  • Copy up to 3 abilities and combine them to form 175 SUPER-WEAPONS!
  • Story mode with over 100 levels and 20 bosses plus Hard Mode variants.
  • Two playable characters with unique abilities, weapons, and campaigns.
  • Endless mode, with randomly-generated environments and bosses.
  • Full level editor to make and share your own levels.
  • Cyber sci-fi setting with a dynamic techno soundtrack.
  • Giant spherical penguins!

About Nuclear Strawberry:

Nuclear Strawberry is a duo dedicated to making cool robots, cute fluffy things, and giant explosions. Copy Kitty will be their first release – inspired by titles like Kirby and Mega Man X, they hope to create a power-packed combination of everything they love about games, both old and new!

About Degica Games:

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Degica is a leading provider of Pan-Pacific digital commerce solutions, who builds and manages online businesses for software and game publishers, online retailers and distributors who are looking to maintain and expanding their business presence in Japan, China, Taiwan and Korea.

Degica’s multi-channel digital commerce platform supports direct sales and includes extensive reseller networks in the local markets to help maximize revenues and profits while reduce operational costs and risks for companies of all sizes. We proudly provide development, hosting websites and webshops, order tracking, 100% local payment solutions, strategic local marketing and press services, customer support, technical support as well as logistical support for physical product warehousing and deliveries of product sales to consumers.”

For more information on Copy Kitty, visit its Steam page.

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