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Convicted Galaxy
Convicted Galaxy

Convicted Galaxy Launches its Kickstarter Campaign

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Convicted Galaxy Launches its Kickstarter Campaign

It was announced by Mind Grown Software LLC, that they have launched a Kickstarter campaign for their 2.5D space based territorial action rogue-like, Convicted Galaxy. The campaign goal is $10,225 and has various rewards that allow backers to add content to the game.

Check out the Kickstarter announcement trailer of Convicted Galaxy, featuring some gameplay footage:

“Some of the rewards include beta access, naming a Planet, naming a Star System, adding an individual’s name to the story, all the way up to writing a unique Mission Log that is directly related to gameplay.

After an emergency evacuation of a deep space prison ship, the player is stranded in an unknown galaxy full of escaped prisoners who grow stronger with every passing moment. With the primary goal to escape the galaxy, the player must build space stations, upgrade their ship, and dogfight prisoner’s ships on their way. Take risks when necessary, but don’t forget that you only have one chance.

Convicted Galaxy is a 2.5D space based territorial action game that combines aspects of rogue-lite and shoot ’em up sub-genres with a third person perspective.

The primary goal is to escape the galaxy, with secondary goals of rescuing friendly pilots and collecting their mission logs to unlock new content.

Although not necessarily like them, development was definitely influenced by great indie games such as FTL, Risk of Rain, Nuclear Throne, and The Long Dark.

Availability/System Requirements: Convicted Galaxy is set for a May 2017 launch. The release version of the game will run on Windows, Mac, and Linux with DirectX 9.0c or OpenGL equivalent support. Minimum expected hardware requirements may be found at the Convicted Galaxy Steam store page.

Mind Grown Software LLC is a small three person indie development studio believing small ideas can be grown into meaningful experience for others. Their goal is to create fun, interactive software for growing minds of all ages.”

For more informaion on Convicted Galaxy, visit its Kickstarter page.

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