Conquera Releases its Open Beta Phase

Conquera Releases its Open Beta Phase

Cherry Credits announce that after having just concluded its Closed Beta phase, Classic PK MMORPG Conquera has commenced its Open Beta Testing (OBT) phase, bringing it a giant step closer to its official launch! Players can download the OBT client at xz.cherrycredits.com and claim a free Celebration Pack filled with vital in-game items (see below for redemption instructions).

Check out the Open Beta trailer of Conquera, featuring the Open Beta party at Comic Fiesta 2017, Malaysia, on 16 – 17 Dec:

“To kickstart the Open Beta, publisher Cherry Credits joined forces with Gamesberry, Armaggeddon and MSI to bring Conquera to the 2017 Comic Fiesta in Kuala Lumpur, where it drew large crowds and eager participants.

Attendees jammed up the Comic Fiesta floor to engage in a variety of activities, such as photo-taking with cosplayers, winning a plethora of limited edition Conquera merchandise and Armaggeddon gear by participating in games, and a series of lucky draws which included a grand prize of RM 888. Attendee Mendy Chen declared that Conquera “literally conquered the Comic Fiesta” while Calvan Ng described the game as “freaking great” with “great graphics and cool characters.”

“The enthusiasm at Comic Fiesta far exceeded our expectations,” said Stanley Liew, CEO of Cherry Credits, “We met players who were fans of The Legend of Mir as well as hardcore MMORPG players; all of them excited to try out Conquera. Their feedback is valuable to us during this Open Beta phase.”

Originally released as The Legend of Mir: Eternal in China to both critical and commercial acclaim, Conquera carries on the setting, lore and classic RPG gameplay of the original The Legend of Mir series for both new and veteran players. Its recent Closed Beta phase was well-received, particularly by longtime The Legend of Mir fans who enjoyed the game’s Unreal 3 Engine-powered graphics and visceral sound design alongside its classic isometric perspective and Player-Kill friendly gameplay.

Conquera has won numerous gaming awards in China, including ‘Top 5 Players’ Favorite PC Online Game*’, ‘Best Animation**’ and ‘Best Art Design**’. Following its CBT phase and OBT debut at the 2017 Comic Fiesta, the game is capturing the attention of the gaming community in Southeast Asia as well. Only the strong and ruthless will survive this brave new world, so prove your worth and download the Open Beta now!

*2016 Golden Plume Awards
**2016 Game Developers Awards

How to redeem the Conquera OBT Celebration Pack:

  1. Log in to Cherry Exchange
  2. Under Events, select Conquera Promo Code and enter OBTPR1MD
  3. Upon successful redemption, you will receive a message on Cherry Messenger on how to claim your items in-game.”

For more information on Conquera, visit its official website.

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