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Concrete Genie devs
Concrete Genie devs

Concrete Genie Developers Gearing Up For New Game

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In a recent interview with Hermen Hulst, the head of PlayStation Studios, games in development was brought up. Herman stated that while more than 25 games were in development we can expect around half to be new IPs. According to a new job listing from Sony Interactive Entertainment studio PixelOpus, the developers behind Concrete Genie, are hiring for a new project.

For those that need a quick refresher, Concrete Genie was a stylized game about a young boy and his street art. It dealt with themes of bullying and loneliness.

The listing states:

We are seeking a Principal Graphics Programmer to contribute to our development process as we tackle exciting innovation and rendering opportunities through a collaboration with Sony Pictures Animation. This position specializes in programming that centers around the graphics functionality of the PlayStation 5 and Unreal 5 game engine, but with our small team, responsibilities will be diverse.

This game will be built using the Unreal 5 game engine, marking another in a long list of developers now using it. PixelOpus is also working with the studio behind Spider-Man: Miles Morales on this project.

One of the requirements listed for hopeful employees is “One or more published AAA console titles” which might offer insight into the scope of the project. Though we know the game exists it is impossible to offer any major speculation.

PixelOpus is known up to this point for smaller-scope games. Prior to the development of Concrete Genie, the company developed Entwined. While both enjoyable, neither would be called a AAA game by any stretch of the imagination. Both of these games have also been offered as part of PlayStation Plus. This helped them gain a wider audience.

We can look forward to hearing more about this unknown project sometime in the near future.

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