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Gris from the indie platformer, Gris
Gris from the indie platformer, Gris

Colorful Platformer From Nomada Studios, Gris, Releasing on iOS

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The striking adventure and pleasant platformer from Nomada Studios, Gris, will be making its way over to iOS devices later this month. The story of a woman who fights her way through internal struggle in hopes of personal discovery released late last year on the Switch and PC and received generally favorable reviews due to the game’s gripping plot and emotional sense of realizations.

Check out a trailer for Gris below:

Published by Devolver Digital, Gris will be making its way over to other platforms, such as the iPhone and iPad later this month on August 22, 2019. The game presents fierce imagery of self-destruction but provides a silent narrative that pushes the players towards overcoming immense odds and restoring “her” world with color and sound.

Gris is currently available on the Switch and PC with no announcement of the game heading over to other consoles, such as the Xbox One, Android and PS4.

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