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Colopl Cyberpong VR “Duel the Devs” Tournament Live Stream

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Colopl Cyberpong VR “Duel the Devs” Tournament Live Stream

Colopl NI will host a first ever eSports Cyberpong VR Tournament with Real-time Matchmaking this weekend on Sunday,May 15 and YOU’RE INVITED!

The company recently released its first VR game, the multiplayer paddle ball game, colopl Cyperpong VR™, for the HTC Vive, to rave critical accolades. Cyberpong VR lets players face off in head-to-head exciting Cyberpong matches, which combines elements of racquetball, pinball and soccer but with a futuristic, cyber reality twist.

Watch the official trailer of Colopl Cyberpong VR:

The game was built with tournament-style matches in mind and gives VR gamers a socially engaging new venue for multiplayer competition in real time—for pure fun or for some hard-earned bragging rights.

“Cyberpong VR is the first VR game that supports real-time match-making, so we’re pleased to offer a new kind of competitive tournament experience within the VR space,” said Jikhan Jung, CEO of colopl NI. “It will be an exciting battle to the end, so we invite players to come join us to test their skills, as well as viewers to come watch the competitions as the future is of VR eSports is here.”

Tournament details:

What: Cyberpong VR “Duel the Devs” Tournament Live Stream

When: Sunday, May 15 from 5:00pm – 6:00pm PT

Where: Twitch via the Colopl Twitch page

Cyberpong VR was developed and published by colopl NI’s San Mateo, CA studio, which has been staffing up with VR-focused development talent from Silicon Valley to forge new VR games. The title is available now for the HTC Vive on Steam. To commemorate the “Duel the Devs”, the game will receive a special discount of 33% for just one day, event day, Sunday, May 15, from the MSRP $14.99.

Colopl NI, Inc. is a United States studio of Tokyo-based mobile gaming leader, colopl, Inc. Based in San Mateo, California, colopl NI develops and publishes Social VR titles and free-to-play smartphone games that cater to the Western market. The colopl group has been highly active in the VR industry with two titles released in conjunction with the official Oculus launch and a $50M fund to support VR companies in Japan and abroad.

For more information on Cyberpong VR and colopl NI, please visit www.coloplni.com.

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