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Coffee Stain Studios Announces Puppet Fever

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Coffee Stain Studios Announces Puppet Fever

It was announced by Coffee Stain Studios, Puppet Fever, their first VR project that marks Coffee Stain’s first contribution to making VR the future of gaming. The game is developed by the Swedish indie studio Coastalbyte.

Check out the multiplayer trailer of Puppet Fever, featuring some gameplay footage:

“Puppet Fever – Where virtual puppetry meets Charades – Go inside your VR headset and become the Puppet Master. Put on a show for your friends at home or online. The rest is anyone’s guess!

Don’t worry though! You don’t actually have to be a puppet master – the puppets have a life of their own. For better or worse, your audience will be entertained. Probably at your own expense.

In the Summer of 2016 Coffee Stain rallied game developers by encouraging them to submit prototype VR games for publishing partnership potential. To raise awareness for this campaign Coffee Stain sponsored a series of game jams in Sweden.

Coastalbyte and Puppet Fever were discovered at one of these VR game jams atDreamHack Winter 2016.

To promote the spirit of game jams as a creative process, Coffee Stain sponsored Coastalbyte’s participation in this year’s  ‘ Stugan ’ program. Puppet Fever will be exhibited at Stugan’s final event in Stockholm, Sweden on Saturday August 12th.

Coffee Stain’s intention is to publish Puppet Fever on several VR platforms starting late Q4 this year.

About Coffee Stain

Started in the middle of nowhere in Sweden back in 2010 by a group of friends, Coffee Stain Studios quickly grew into one of the world’s most successful indie developers. Partly because of good timing, but mainly because of great games. The studio is on a streak where both Sanctum and Sanctum 2 has sold over a million copies, while Goat Simulator, launched in 2014, has turned an amazing 20 million downloads across a wide range of platforms. Nowadays, Coffee Stain also Publish externally developed titles through Coffee Stain Publishing.

About Coastalbyte

Coastalbyte Games was founded in 2011 by friends and former students in Karlshamn, Sweden. The studio has always been passionate about making great, small, polished projects and have a history of participating in various game jams in Sweden and abroad.

Coastalbyte was early to pick up VR development and found a match made in heaven during Dreamhack Winter 2016. Coffee Stain Publishing hosted a VR game jam in order to scout new teams and projects. The jam resulted in a rough prototype of what was going to become Puppet Fever.

About Stugan

Stugan is a non-profit accelerator program for talented game developers, helping new teams and individuals to realise their wildest game ideas. Spend two months of your life in the woods, far away from civilization building the game of your dreams.”

For more information on Puppet Fever, visit its official website.

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