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Clouzy! announced for Xbox One and Steam

Developer Tinymoon has announced that its upcoming ‘cloud-based’ farming title Clouzy! will be released for Steam and Xbox One on July 14th. To clarify, that is not cloud as in the technology service and indeed about raising clouds in a floating cloud setting.

Similar to games like Slime Rancher, the game will see the player raise clouds on their cloud farm and daycare, before sending them off to do could stuff in their fantasy world. As stated in the official press release, besides simply running a farm players can:

…explore the world and all of the different regions it has to offer, as well as collect and cook exotic different foods for the clouds in their farm. This feel-good experience is the perfect setting to enjoy a single-player adventure title in a calm, serene, and visually-pleasing environment.

The player will be aided on their journey through this fantasy world by their best friend, a companion pet that will help you take care of your farm. Clouds that the player will come across are also boasted as being unique creatures.  Players can expect them to be “…living, interactive, and cute little creatures that require a player’s best attention”.

Where the game really thrives is its art direction. Not only do the characters look adorable (just watch that trailer and look into their eyes), but the world looks both tranquil and inviting. Exploring the world will include many quests that will help you build your farm.

Tinymoon is a small game development studio from Madrid, Spain. Their team was created while attending university, where they started developing Clouzy! It was started as their final year project. Hopefully, we get to see more from this company in the future

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