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Axe, Bow & Staff
Axe, Bow & Staff

Clewcat Games Releases Axe, Bow & Staff on Steam

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Clewcat Games Releases Axe, Bow & Staff on Steam

It was announced by Clewcat Games, the release of its pixel art hybrid Axe, Bow & Staff – available now on Steam for Windows PC, Mac OS X, and Linux/SteamOS.

Axe, Bow & Staff is a retro-style game combining runner-sidescroller mechanics with RPG elements and zany multiplayer gameplay – including both local and online play for up to 3 players in both co-operative and competitive modes.

Check out the launch trailer of Axe, Bow & Staff, showcasing the games’ features:

“More About Axe, Bow & Staff

Axe, Bow & Staff is a pixel art hybrid combining runner-sidescroller mechanics with RPG elements and zany multiplayer gameplay.

Inspired by games like Lost Vikings, Adventure Island, Cadilacs and Dinosaurs and Captain Commando, etc, Axe, Bow & Staff evokes the nostalgia of the favorite games of your youth: updated with faster graphics, multi-player replayablilty, and goofy gameplay that’s easy to learn but many times harder to master!

Main Features:

  • Rockin’ Pixel Art
    It’s like the 80s married the 90s and they never went away! Axe, Bow & Staff brings you the best in these pixel art classics-to-be. You saw it here first!
  • Chiptunes Originals
    More cheer than you can shake twelve reindeers at in this catchy & original chiptune soundtrack!
  • Bespoke Like a Boss
    30+ hand-crafted levels with various challenges and fun, fun, fun!
  • Multiple Playthroughs
    Have you heard the saying, “A procedurally-generated level is like multiple playthroughs in the bank”? Neither have we, and yet here it is bringing more bang for your buck!
  • A Matrix of Options for Customization
    20+ skill upgrades and 70+ items is, like, a really good way to bling-bling your characters. Which makes YOU, like, the equivalent of a fantasy game gangsta.
  • Single Player, Local Multiplayer, Online Multiplayer
    You COULD play it all by yourself, comfortably alone in your underwear with a beer hat wrapped around your head, or you could sit there with your so-called friends and play multiplayer locally. Or team-up with online play. Whatever. We support that, too.
  • Racing Mode
    Introducing side-scrolling Mario Kart! If you are tired of the co-op, try “testing” your friendship in the Racing Mode!

About Clewcat Games

Axe, Bow & Staff is designed and produced by Clewcat Games, a husband-and-wife founded game studio based in China. They met the French pixel artist Bo and the Japanese chiptune composer Naruto online, then they started creating together using their love of video games and zany sense of humor.”

For more information on Axe, Bow & staff, visit its Steam page.

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