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Cleave A Turn-based Conquest Coming Soon

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Cleave A Turn-based Conquest Coming Soon

Wolves of Ragnarok Studio announces the release date of Cleave – a simple concept that merges tower defense with turn-based conquest – in  Q4 2016.

At the start of Cleave, the player will choose which of the three factions they wish to use. Each has ten unique units to use in battle and has its own character driven story to tell.

Check out the second trailer of Cleave, showcasing some of it’s features:

In Cleave there will be a map of war showing the thirty individual territories of Silver Vale that are split between the three factions. The player will pick a territory on the map to do battle in then will choose whether to be the attacking or defending side.

The battle will begin and the player can place their units limited by a short cooldown based on the cost of the unit and their number of Supplies, the game’s resource. Defenders must prevent the Attackers from reaching and destroying Supply Chests positioned behind each lane. These Supply chests generate additional resources every few seconds. Attackers gain Supplies from killing defending units or taking chests.

To win a battle, Attackers must send several units past the Supply Chest line while Defenders must hold off the attacking units until the enemy supplies run out and all enemy units are defeated.

Conquest Mode

Seek to take over the world in turn-based Conquest mode where each of the three factions will be fighting to gain control of the world.

This is where the game seeks to meld two established genres into a single game. The player selects a piece of land adjacent to one of their own on a tactical map of Silver Vale then engages in the above mentioned battles to determine who will control that segment of land.

At the end of the battle the winning side will take control of the territory. Each faction will take their turn to attack. The goal is to capture every territory and rule over Silver Vale.

Pre-Battle Reward System

Before each battle there will be a small mini-game based on observation or reaction which will determine any bonuses or disadvantages to make each game more varied and allow for skill-based rewards (or penalties) that are applied toward the battle.

Tons of Characters

With sixty characters, Cleave will have a lot of variety for choosing a team. Players will choose between three different factions: Insanity, Haleran, and The Order of Steel. Each faction contains 10 characters to choose from. Each character comes with a powerful “Leader” unit that can be placed once each battle. They have higher stats than the standard unit and offer strong effects to buff other allies. Leaders create a wider sense of strategy and can turn the tide of a battle if used correctly.

Potential Multi-player Support

We want to bring the game to the competitve audience as well! We hope, via our Kickstarter, to be able to provide the players with a central lobby and match-making system to allow multiplayer capabilities. The plans for multiplayer in the current state would play  as a PvP arcade mode. Each player chooses the faction they want, then chooses the units they want to use (up to 5) from that faction, then  clicks the “Ready” button. When both players are ready the game will assign them at random to either Offense or Defense and the game would play out as normal. Leaderboards will keep track of each player’s stats.

Lots of Environments

From the fiery waters of Crimson Lakes to the golden shine of the Temple of Flowing Gold, Cleave brings 30 unique environments that the player can be a part of in their fight to take over Silver Vale.


As well as the gameplay there will be ample lore and stories to flesh out the world and characters that can be unlocked as you play.

For more information on Cleave, visit it’s official website.

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