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Claybook Launches into Xbox Game Preview Today
Claybook Launches into Xbox Game Preview Today

Claybook Launches into Xbox Game Preview Today

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Claybook Launches into Xbox Game Preview Today

Indie studio Second Order announced today that Claybook is now available on Xbox Game Preview for $14.99. Claybook is the game where everything is made of clay. In its core, Claybook is 3D platforming in this weird clay world. Every inch of the environment can be shaped and molded. Clay has many forms such as solid and liquid-like mass. Shape the world around you, transport clay and have fun in this unique soft and evolving clay world.

Check out the launch trailer of Claybook, featuring some gameplay footage:

Second Order stated:

Bringing Claybook to Xbox One has been a huge undertaking for our small two-person team. We started our journey two years ago, and now we are ready to hand over the game to the Xbox community. Game Preview is excellent opportunity to develop the game further with the Xbox community. We will be frequently updating the game with new features and new content. We would like to invite everyone to join Claybook Game Preview and our subreddit to share ideas and feedback with us.


  • Play through challenging chapters by your self or with a buddy in split-screen (up to 4 players).
  • Compete against others in the leaderboards.
  • Bunch of achievements that challenges you to use the clay shapes and environment differently.
  • A unique clay simulation and visualization technology that has been designed from ground up for user-generated content, making it easy for players to unleash their creativity.
  • Amazing in-game creation tool that lets you build your own books and chapters and share them with the Claybook community. You don’t need any – technical skills or have modding experience, anyone can create and share directly inside the game without hassle.
  • Discover and play new community creations directly into the game. All of the creations are small in size which makes the discovering and playing smooth experience even with a slower network.

About Second Order

Second Order is an independent game studio based in Helsinki, Finland. The studio was founded in October 2015 by Sebastian Aaltonen and Sami Saarinen, two veteran game developers behind the Trials game series (HD, Evolution and Trials Fusion™). Sebastian was the Senior Lead Programmer, and Sami was the Technical Art Director of the Trials core team.”

For more information on Claybook, visit its official website.

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