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Chosen Path
Chosen Path

Chosen Path Update Released for Kritika Online

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Chosen Path Update Released for Kritika Online

En Masse Entertainment, a player-driven publisher focused on delivering great games and great service, announced the release of the Chosen Path, their first free content update of the year for its stylish anime action brawler, Kritika Online. Following a successful period of testing and feedback on the Public Test Server, players can begin their journeys with the game’s sixth character class, the Monk. The Monk is a hand-to-hand brawler whose advanced classes include the enlightened path of the Star Monk or its darkling counterpart, the Void Monk.

Check out the launch trailer of the Monk class in Kritika Online, featuring some gameplay footage:

“For players eschewing the more hands-on approach of the Monk for the game’s five other action-packed classes, this update also introduces the Imprinting system for level 65 characters. This new system gives players a new way to grow and customize their abilities to better fit their personal playstyles.

Players can look forward to a number of events  both in and out of game to celebrate the start of an exciting year of content planned for Kritika Online! Newly created Monk characters will be given a choice of “target” leveling goals — 45, 55, or 65 — to set for themselves, and achieving the level goal will earn players an assortment of in-game prizes. Non-Monks can benefit by grouping with any Monk players in-game, gaining bonus movement speed, health, and other perks simply for playing together.

This event begins on Wednesday, January 24 and remains active until Wednesday, March 7. A Lunar New Year celebration is set to kick off in a few short weeks, causing in-game bosses to have a chance at dropping Firecracker Boxes. These boxes may contain unique pets, a traditional Korean Lunar New Year outfit, consumable potions, and more! This event begins on Wednesday, February 7 and runs until Wednesday, February 21.

Fans of Kritika Online on social media can also participate in some events the community team is running over the coming weeks. Beginning on Thursday, January 25, players will be able to vote for their favorite between the Void Monk and Star Monk on the Kritika Online Twitter and Facebook pages by interacting with social posts. When the voting wraps up on Thursday, February 15, the En Masse team will release a limited-time code granting an item themed to the winning class. Players are encouraged to keep their eyes peeled for chances to vote for their favorite class and snag the limited-time key!

For those with a more competitive spirit, the team is bringing back the popular PvP Mastery Montage event starting on Friday, January 26. This even tasks players to record their best PvP moments on video and share them on Twitter with the ‘#KritikalHit’ hashtag to enter for a chance to win in-game Kred. The event will run until Friday, February 23, with the winners of the Mastery Montage shown off on En Masse’s Kritika Online livestream on Wednesday, February 28.

In Kritika Online players can now select from six unique character types—the fierce Warrior, the magical Gunmage, the agile Rogue, the deadly Reaper, the agile Psion or the new Monk fighter. They can play solo or team up with friends to rampage through fast-paced levels, defeating enemies and super-sized level bosses using mega blades, alchemical superguns, and dazzling acrobatics.

Kritika Online is developed by Allm and published by En Masse in North America and Europe.”

For more information on Kritika Online, visit its official website.

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