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Check Out This 1 Minute Gameplay Demo of PlayDead Studio’s Upcoming Game “Inside”

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Check Out This 1 Minute Gameplay Demo of PlayDead Studio’s Upcoming Game “Inside”

We finally get to see brand new footage from Inside; a brand new game that the Limbo creators, PlayDead Studios is currently developing. Inside is an upcoming puzzle platformer in the same veins of Limbo where this time, the player takes control of a young boy and his struggle to escape from malevolent forces who have subjected humanity to horrendous experiments.

Check out the 1 minute gameplay demo below:

The demo of the game shows the different technologies that the in-game engine features, and it’s gameplay pretty much resembles Limbo a lot, however, this time, it shows beautiful flat 3D graphics and the Eerie atmosphere that PlayDead Studios is known for.

The game was originally intended for release in 2015, however, it was delayed for 2016 and is expected  to release for the Xbox One as a timed exclusive and then to other platforms at a later date.

I enjoyed playing Limbo a lot and after watching videos of Inside, I’m eagerly anticipating this release, Limbo was a great game with clever puzzle and a dark but beautiful atmosphere and this game seems to take everything showcased in limbo to the next level.

Source – playdead.com



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