CEO of Atari Announces that they are Working on a New Console

CEO of Atari Announces that they are Working on a New Console

In this years’ E3, Atari revealed its Ataribox project, this announcement made everyone question if the showed teaser was real or not. The company hadn’t made a home game console in more than 20 years and yet it was choosing 2017 to get back in the business? It looks like the project is indeed real, as Atari CEO Fred Chesnais confirmed to GamesBeaton last Friday that the company is making a new console.

Check out the teaser video of the Ataribox project:

Chesais also said to GamesBeaton that the new product, which has been “years in the making”, will include the woodgrain panelling seen in the teaser video though the final design hasn’t been revealed yet. He also noted that the hardware will be PC-based. Chesais remained silent on the other details of the project.

Atari has started to regain some popularity since Chesnais bought the company out of bankruptcy in 2013. The company is already making a profit developing mobile games. If the success of the NES Classic Edition last winter taught us something, is that the market for nostalgia is still a huge one.

For more information on the Ataribox project visit this articles’ source and the Ataribox official website.

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