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Cayne Will be Released Tomorrow January 24th

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Cayne Will be Released Tomorrow January 24th

It was announced by the creators of Stasis, The Brotherhood, that they will release their new Free point-and-click adventure game, Cayne, on Steam (PC) on Tuesday, 24 January at 10:00am PST.

Check out the official trailer of Cayne, featuring some gameplay footage:

“CAYNE is THE BROTHERHOOD’s second game release, and features a new graphics engine, with fully 3D animated characters, FMV cut scenes and beautifully rendered HD backgrounds. This is paired with professional voice acting performances and musicians for the amazing soundtrack.

This isometric adventure caters for 8 languages and is translated into English, Russian, German, French, Polish, Spanish, Turkish and Italian.

CAYNE will be available for PC, MAC and Linux.


In this grim return to the STASIS universe, expectant protagonist, Hadley, wakes up in a facility. Where is she? Why is she there? And, why do they want her baby? Help panicked and anxious Hadley find her feet and brave stomach-churning situations to break free, by solving puzzles in this FREE horror adventure. Each step will uncover colorful character stories as the player helps Hadley find her way out.


This free release is in anticipation of the studio’s upcoming project: BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION. A post-apocalyptic game that will be launching its crowd funding campaign on Kickstarter on Tuesday, 24 January 2017.
More information on BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION here: http://www.desolationgame.com


  • Sarah Anne Williams (Barbie, Final Fantasy VII, Street Fighter V, Skullgirls)
  • Ryan Cooper


  • Ivo Sissolak
  • Daniel Sadowski (Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)
  • Will McCabe


Brothers, Christopher and Nicolas Bischoff are the developers behind THE BROTHERHOOD, an independent game studio in South Africa. THE BROTHERHOOD has successfully launched their first game, STASIS and now, their free product, CAYNE.”

For more information on Cayne, please visit its Steam page.

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