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Cat President
Cat President

Cat President is Available Now on Steam

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Cat President is Available Now on Steam

It was announced by Oh, a Rock! Studios, developers of Francy Droo and A Stranger Comes Calling (Part of the Awkward Steve Legacy), that Cat President: A More Purrfect Union is available now on Steam and Itch.io.

Check out the teaser trailer of Cat President: A More Purrfect Union, showcasing the games’ features:

“Twenty years ago, the American political system became so corrupt that the Supreme Court banned all humans from public office. Since then, the U.S. Presidency has  gone to the cats. Litter-ally.

You’re just an ordinary teen girl looking for work after your college dreams didn’t quite pan out. But when you get lost backstage during a national debate, you find so much more: a bunch of talking cats who are running for President. And that’s not even the weird part—they all want to hire YOU as a campaign manager!

Can you handle the world of Presidential politics? Do you even know what a campaign manager does? Will you find love with your candidate in order to form…a more purrfect union?

With a script that’s over 350 pages long,  Cat President is a visual novel packed full of romance, humor and cute pictures of cats. Cast your vote today!


  • Story by YouTube personality/Nancy Drew enthusiast Michael “Arglefumph” Gray!
  • Six different cats to date/help win public office.
  • A 350-page script, with 18 different endings! (Some happier than others.)
  • The best and most realistic Photoshopping in the world [citation needed].
  • Helps you forget how terrible the actual Presidential election is.

Truly,  Cat President: A More Purrfect Union is the feline-good game of the summer.

About Oh, a Rock! Studios

Oh, a Rock! Studios is an indie game-development studio/loosely connected group of friends that makes funny, weird, and sincere visual novels and adventure games. It was founded in 2014 by award-winning beard grower Paul Franzen, who also served as lead writer/designer on Moment Games’ point-and-clicker  Life in the Dorms. Our latest game was  A STRANGER COMES CALLING, a black-and-white FMV game about answering the door when you don’t even know who’s on the other side.”

For more information on Cat President: A More Purrfect Union, visit its Steam page.

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